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Hosting for Players on Your Own Network (LAN)Edit

On the computer where the StarMade server will be hosted:

  1. Find your LAN IP address
  2. The 192.168 will be the same, but the last two numbers will be different. Give this full LAN IP address to the other people connecting to your computer
  3. Run StarMade and select Start Dedicated Server

For all other computers connecting to you:

  1. Run StarMade and select Start Game
  2. Select the radio button beneath Multiplayer (Host:Port) and replace the current IP with the LAN IP found above. Be sure to keep the :4242 at the end of the IP. This is the port.

Hosting for Players over the Internet (WAN)Edit

On your computer:

  1. Find your WAN IP address by visiting or you can search 'ip' in Google.
  2. Port forward 4242 on your router. Every router is different so you will have to look up how to do so for your particular router.
  3. Run StarMade and select Start Dedicated Server

For all other players, they will need to connect to you using your IP found in step #1, including port 4242.


Hamachi makes hosting a server for LAN or WAN players a quick process.

  1. Download LogMeIn Hamachi (Recommended: Unmanaged Mode)
  2. After installation, create a new network with a name and password that you choose.
  3. All players that you want to connect to your network must also install Hamachi, then Join your network.
    • Note: Make sure players all have direct tunnels (green light) to your computer otherwise it'll be very laggy on their part.
  4. Right-click the IP address beside the On/Off button at the top of the window and select Copy IPV4 Address.
  5. Run StarMade and select Start Dedicated Server
  6. You and other players must paste (CTRL+V) the IP address found in step #4 into the Multiplayer section, followed by :4242
    • eg. 55.123.987.11:4242

And that's it! Your server is up and running. If anyone else wants to play then they will have to join the network that you own.


Players can't connect Edit

Most likely a Port Forwarding or Firewall problem.

Should players be unable to connect to your server you can attempt changing the port that your server is running on from 4242 to something else, for example 25565. This can be done by starting the launcher, click "options" in the top-left of the launcher screen and selecting "Server port" and changing the value. I would recommend using 25565 as it is a commonly used port.


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