Space Stations are usually large artificial structures built in space and may serve various purposes, ranging from stocking or docking base to strengthened combat platforms to eye candy.

In addition to the stock stations found in the game, players may come across player-made structures scattered through space.

Building a Station:Edit

In order to build your own station, you will need a relatively large amount of ressources.

Creating a station will cost a million credits (1,000,000), and will spawn a single block from which the station will be built.

In order to buy your station, press "p" while in the desired location of your space station. Doing so will prompt you for a confirmation and then ask you a name for your station. When done, a single piece of hull should now be placed in space in front of you, and marked with a purple marker (station marker). It is important to note that:

  • Like a ship core, the first block of a station needs room in all direction in order to be created. This means you cannot effectifvely create your station off of an already existing object or attach it to one.
  • There is no refund. If you remove the last block from a station, you cannot place another block in mid-space again, and the station is lost without refund.
  • Stations cannot move.

Faction Stations\Bases:Edit

You can buy a Faction Module for 100'000c. The Faction Module will add ownership to your station. Once the station is claimed, you can use the Faction Module to set it as Home Base  for the Faction the module is owned by. The Faction Module can be destroyed, effectively removing your claim on the structure. Ships fitted with the Faction Module can not be destroyed within their Home-Base if the ships are landed or docked. Only one Faction module can be placed per structure.