This is the latest and greatest core ship module from SD systems. You need at least one of these to build the most basic of ships.

Grab yourself a SD 01000x today, it comes with:

20 Armour

500 Hitpoints

Can Control anything from a SD W9 Weapons Computer to a R0GUE 9C Navcom anti-signature

countermeasure computer! Buy one today! And as a added bonus, we have made it have the ability to overheat and explode, destroying everything on the ship! That is completely an intended effect of the Core. Totally.

And remember, SchemaDyne is your friend until the end. Of your ship.


When you start a new game in singleplayer a Ship Core will be in your inventory. Press 'X' while holding the Ship Core to create a new ship. First you must give it a name. Enter the Ship Core by pressing 'R' while looking at it (And don't stand too far away). Now switch between Fly mode and Build mode by pressing your spacebar.

Every ship has a Ship Core and is the most important part of the ship. If the core takes too much damage it will overheat. If the Ship Core is overheated the whole ship will be disabled until it gets repair, but be quick! If you do not repair the Ship Core fast enough it will blow up. The larger the ship, the longer you will have. A timer will show up above the Ship Core. In combat your primary goal is to breach the enemy ship's hull and hit it's Ship Core.

Add cockpits to your ship if you don't want the view from your Ship Core when flying. This will also allow you to protect it better.

You can also dock on planets or space stations.






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