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Ever wanted to allow your ship to take a beating without having to repair each and every hull piece after each battle? Then this is the part for you! The SD Shield Disperser, when placed within a ship and supplied with power, will create a shield around your ship protecting it from incoming fire. Although, when the shield is depleted it will shutdown and will take 10 seconds to cool down and start up again.If you want to avoid this, simply place some more around your ship! But remember, while the shield is down, your ship is subject to damage to the ship's hull and/or systems.


Simply place the block somewhere in your ship, power it, and tada! You are now protected from incoming enemy fire. Now, if you enter fly mode you will see a second blue health bar above your own health, this is how much health your shields have left. Once this is depleted, as stated earlier, it will take a few seconds to start recharging.

Note: The more dispersers you add, the higher the shield rating of your ship will be, and more dispersers will buff the recharge rate of your shields. However, do not add too many dispersers as it will demand huge power and will put a strain on your power supply. Moreover, the more dispersers you have, the less the profit of each new block is important. With already 130 dispersers, the 131 will only add 40 point of shield. while with 4 dispersers; the fifth will provide around 200 point of shield.

Recharge rateEdit

The more shields you have, the higher the recharge rate. Taking this in to knowledge, you can calculate how many Dispersers you will need to reach a certain recharge rate. 

Shield recoveryEdit

This new value (introduced on the patch 0.09378) determine the time in seconds the shield start to recharge after a hit. It's dependent on the amount of shield Blocks placed on the structure.

Technical DataEdit

—capacity: ((shieldBlocks*3.5)^0.66666)*350—recharge: ((shieldBlocks*5)^0.5)*50—introduced recovery when hit (by shield block used) (no more information)


SD Shield Disperser - Star Made - The Star Makers Guide to the Star Made Galaxy

SD Shield Disperser - Star Made - The Star Makers Guide to the Star Made Galaxy

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