This block enables a structure to generate power.


Can be placed on any surface of a structure. Delivers a uniform amount of approximately 20 energy units, with one individual block.


The most energy effecient compacted "reactor" is using these blocks non-adjacent to eachother.

With this method, it is possible to increased the production rate in an exponential way for each block you place. In addition, these bocks are also easily tilable.

OOOOOOOO --> A line of  8 SD Hct xm3.4 produces 1096 e/sec, which is more energy per second than a 3x3 block of SD Hct xm3.4 Power (714 e/sec)

(O = SD Hct xm3.4 Power).

The cross method works as well, but it demands a bigger area. However, only two crosses per line can be made. If a block is placed on the wrong area, power gain will be decreased by a lot, decreasing production efficiency.

One method that can be used to check this is to watch how much energy you gain (or even lose) for placing one SD Hct xm3.4 Power block. Any gain of over 100 e/sec indicates that the pattern has not been broken. If e/sec is increased only by 20, then the pattern was not broken, but neither was it maintained. Connecting two maintained lines of SD Hct xm3.4 Power blocks can also decrease the e/sec by a lot, so it is a good idea to watch the e/sec (displayed on the elft side of the screen while in build mode) in order to make sure no mistakes were made.

An efficent method with larger ships is to use lines of the power generators (this will help with thruster conservation). With approxymately 8 lines of 15 blocks, power regenration will reach approxymatelly 60,000 e/s. Moreover, this will not waste building spacw, allowing for thinner ships, and decreasing the number of  Hyperflux Coil Thruster that are required to move the ship, and the overall mass, which can be useful for making ships that use blocks like 0C Cloaker and 10x RadarJammer.

Recipes Schemadyne 20000:

  • SD3000 FLUX COIL x1


Power Block -Star Made - Star Maker's Guide to the Star Made Galaxy

Power Block -Star Made - Star Maker's Guide to the Star Made Galaxy



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