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The SD docking unit is used on large ships as a point at which smaller ships can dock, allowing to effectively create carriers that can transport and protect your factions fleet.


When placed, the docking unit will create a green cube, this is the docking area. The docking area must be cleared or else the unit will go offline, stopping any ship from using the unit to dock. Also, if a ship is too big and exceeds the docking area, it will be unable to dock. A docking enhancer unit can be used to make the docking area larger, this is done in the same way as adding weapons to a computer, by selecting the docking unit with C and then either placing the enhancers or connecting them using V. 

Note that ships that are docked ARE NOT affected by the main ship's shield system (if there are any) so building a hangar with a large door is recommended if the ship is designed to protect docked ships from enemy fire.

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