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Pyramids are a terrestrial naturally generated structure in StarMade. By which I mean they are found on a planets surface. They are similar in style to Egyptian pyramids, and, as you may have guessed, spawn on desert planets. If you see it, go to it! It has a ton of loot in it.


They are large structures made of yellow hull with slopes at 45 degree angles. They are two blocks thick and can extend underground. Inside there are four towers of SD Hct xm3.4 Power block with a plexlight on the top of each one. In the centre there is a single Plex Storage block in the centre. This is the important part.


There is a lot of loot in the Plex Storage block. On the StarMade chat there are claims of amounts from 600 billion to up to 400 trillion! I find 400 trillion hard to believe, but I did find about 600 billion on a cactus mission. I had to investigate the pyramid. That was a good idea as I was a bit short on money. Not any more. The sort of loot you can get involves, hulls and super hulls of all shapes and colours(I am not wrong I am in Canada); ores of all types and levels; computers; factory parts and supplies beyond your wildest dreams. In other words, basically everything. I believe that these were inspired by either Minecraft Pyramids or dungeons depending on when the creator of StarMade first got the idea to add them.

All information from StarMade chat and personal experience please add pictures and videos that are not banned by copyright to do so. For I have none.