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These are features that could be added to StarMade in future updates.

- Faction homebases will require a form of currency such as faction points to be invulnerable. A faction home base takes these points over time when members are online. This mentioned by Calbiri on the Starmade Q&A hosted by Raiben and Tomino Sama, but this was still not confirmed. factions and faction homes have been added. 

- Another unconfirmed idea by Calbiri is about Thruster.

Thrusters will be removed and replaced with a special Omni-directional thruster. This is basically a type of thruster that doesn't have any direction, and is just a block without thruster plums. These act the same way as regular thrusters. There will then be decorative blocks of which will act as thruster plums which the player can add to give a type of thruster effect. 

The player will then be able to configure which direction the thrusters are able to move the ship. For example 20% forward 10% backward etc. 


You can customize your thruster movement, but thrusters are still thrusters, not Omni-directional thrusters. 

- Limit to how long your character can survive in space

-It is possible that animals might be added to planets to make the game more 'alive'.

-It is also mentioned that in the future, planets might be generated with moons that orbit the planet just as planets spin and orbit their home stars.

-Some planets might spawn as Gas Giants, instead of the current all-rocky-planets, to give the gameplay a bit more variety.

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