A pirate station

Pirates is a hostile faction controlled by the AI. You can find them scattered all around the universe. 

Pirate Station

A pirate station is an unmanned station guarded by turrets . They act exactly the same as pirate ships, are AI controlled and will attack you. Pirate stations can't be destroyed instantly because it is faction domain. They appear as orange diamonds in the navigation menu. These stations mostly contain a lot of  valuable treasure. You can loot

The loot

the station after the faction module is destroyed.

An automated turret

Pirate shipsEdit

Pirate ships look exactly the same as the Isanth IV

Ships that can be owned by Pirates are all the ship that you upload on the catalog, unless you remove the permission.

StarMade Episode 3 Pirate Stations

StarMade Episode 3 Pirate Stations


It is impossible to join the pirate faction, or set them as neutral or allies to your faction, without using Admin Commands.


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