Missile Computer

Basic InfoEdit

This is the computer used to control Missile Modules. It can slave other weapon's computers and effect computers.

Slaving Edit

Damage Beam Computer Edit

Slaving the Damage Beam will turn the missiles into Lock-on Missiles. These missiles can be locked onto a target's radar signal, and when fired, will track the target and follow it until it either hits, or if the target is too far away, then losses it's tracking ability.

Defence SD Shield Disperser SD Shield Disperser16px Cloaker10x RadarJammer 10x RadarJammer
CPU's 16px Missile Computer16px Cannon ComputerSD-BB Missile Computer SD-BB Missile ComputerD1000 Missile CPU D1000 Missile CPU
Weapons AntiMatter Cannon AntiMatter Cannon16px SD KB Missile Array16px SD-BB Missile ArrayD1000 Missile Array D1000 Missile Array
Natural Cactus Cactus
Power SD pc1.3 Power Tank SD pc1.3 Power Tank16px SD Hct xm3.4 Power
Construction Materials 16px Hull16px Hardened Hull
Ship Building Gravity Unit Gravity UnitHyperflux Coil Thruster Hyperflux Coil Thruster
Misc 16px SD Docking Unit16px ID ListFaction Module Faction Module16px Death Star Core

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