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This Is An Isanth IV

The generic ship for StarMade, used by both Pirates and Traders. Two guns, each hitting about 130 damage, two sets of doors with which to enter the vessel itself. 3 cockpits for firing purposes, and nothing too great for shielding. They're not too expensive, start off in the catalogue. You could buy one almost immediately and with some clever flying use it to take down even small fleets of pirates. If you don't allow pirates to use your blueprints, then they can only use this ship however, once you are capable of getting a better ship The Isanth IV becomes extremely weak compared to almost any other ship in the game.

When fighting these ships, the core will be located directly behind the cockpit. As pirates turn to face you when possible, providing your guns are powerful enough to rip through the shields you can disable them fairly easily. They have 2 cockpit blocks under both structural pylons, presumably for use by the gunner.

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