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Joining a server:

To join a server, you must select the 'Host:Port' option under 'Multiplayer' in the connection setup screen that appears when you try to launch the game. This is below the alternative 'SinglePlayer' option under 'Gamemode' that is selected by default.

To join a specific server you will need to look it up and find its IP and Port or pick from a list from pages such as or The IP and Port needs to be entered into the dropdown menu to the right of the 'Host:Port' option. This must be entered in the following format "IPAddress:Port".


If you are unable to join a server check the following:

  • You have the same version of the game (not always the most recent)
  • The server is actually online
  • Whether or not the server is whitelisted and whether you're on that list.

An appropriate error message should display to indicate the problem.