The Faction Module can be found in most shops under the category 'General'.

To use it you must be a member of a faction , place it on a ship ,station, planet or asteroid, then press 'R' while looking at it. You will now be able to set that object to be owned be the faction you are currently a member of. Only one Faction module can be placed per object.

  • Player that are not in your faction can't place or take blocks from your object, but they can destroy the Faction Module. This is extremely hard, however.
  • Your faction name will be seen next to the name of the object.
  • Ships fitted with a Faction module cannot be destroyed in their Faction's home base, as long as it's landed or fix-docked.
  • In order to damage the Faction module you need over 99 dmg per shot.
  • In the ship catalog you can choose that only members of your faction can buy a ship from your blueprint. 
  • Be careful when inviting players to your faction, he/she may destroy/reset your Faction modules, change faction and make it their own. Popular griefing method.
  • By placing a Faction module on a Station/Planet/Asteroid and setting its faction sig, it should have an option to make it your faction home.
  • Ships of your faction will have a green mark.

Structural stats:

Base HP: 511
Armor: 99%

"Yea, let's build a whole ship out of these blocks..."

19:58, June 26, 2013 (UTC): CellarPhantom

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