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The docking module is a block that can dock ships.

It must have an unobstructed area in front of it though (Indicated by if the block is green or red, red meaning it is obstructed, green meaning it is active.). To select which side is the front, use advanced building mode (activated by pressing the left CTRL key).

If the ship is too big, you will need a Docking Enhancer.

Tips and TricksEdit

- To dock a ship, use the flight mode, select the ship core in the hotbar, aim the docking module and just fire. you will be docked if it's possible, regardless of the distance

- When you dock a ship, the ship core will be the closest as possible of the Docking module. Take this in consideration when you build your docked ship, and try to place your ship core at the middle of your hull. Moreover, just take in consideration the theoretical dimensions of the docked ship, regardless of the position of the ship core. Sometimes, the docked vessel will be allowed to dock, even if its hull glitches through a wall or get out the area.

- A docked ship will face in same direction of the Carrier ship. You don't have to do maneuver in order to dock you ship in the right direction. It can be a problem if you make side-open shed.

- Notice that the docked ship will not be affected by the carrier SD Shield Disperser. In order to protect them, try to use Plex Door to close your shed (the Plex Door will be affected by the SD Shield Disperser and will protect the ship).

-  You CAN overlap docking areas, making for the possibility of a more versatile hanger that can accommodate a variety of ship sizes.

- A docked ship use the carrier Power if there's is no SD HCT xm3.4 Power on it. Make sure that the carrier power resource can handle it.

- You can open a Plex Door by shooting on it with the docking beam. This can allow you to have a door on a docking station inside your ship.

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