Used to enlarge docking area.

Adding blocks on axes will increase the size of the docking box in that direction.  For an example, adding blocks along the Z axis will enlarge the docking box on the Z axis; adding blocks on the X axis will increase the size of the box in the X axis, etc.

In order for enhancers to affect a Docking module, the docking module must be selected (C key by default while looking at the module) when the enhancers are placed.  Alternatively, they may be associated with a docking module after placement, using the same mechanics as missiles and guns.

Multiple parallel arrays will not increase the docking box size; for instance, a line of five blocks along the X axis will make the box wider, but a second line of five blocks above the first will not make it any wider.

Docking enhancers must be linked in order to affect the docking box.  Scattering individual enhancers around the ship has no effect.