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The Dis-Integrater is an explosive device used to create large craters and pierce hulls.

Intro Edit

Dis-Integrator blocks explode on contact with other solid blocks. This enables you to use them in a range of ways:

  • Ramming
  • Mines
  • Bombs dropped from a larger ship. 

As Dis-Integrator blocks are part of the ship they can be cloaked and jammed: 

An example of a cloaking minefield:

Starmade - How to use dis-integrator blocks (cloaking minefield)

Starmade - How to use dis-integrator blocks (cloaking minefield)



  • You can build a small fast ship, strap explosives to it and enter the core. Apply some forward thrust but remember to jump out before you hit your target. In this way you can create a 'battering ram' of sorts which is comparable to a missile, however the effects can be chained (i.e. make bigger explosions, more damage).
  • You can also add a "One Time Use Melee" option, by making a sidways pillar in front of your ship, and at the end, putting some Dis-Integrator explosives at the end, than removing the original pillar.
  • As Dis-Intergrater blocks bypass Shield systems, they make an ideal way to attack ships that have very efficient shield systems and are almost resistant to any other types of attack.

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