The d1000 Missile CPU (Dumb Missile) is used to control d1000 Missile Arrays and allow them to fire. They must be linked to the Arrays in the same fashion as Weapon Controllers are linked to Antimatter Cannons , with 'C' to select the controller, and 'V' to add a link to the Array. You can also skip the need for manually linking by placing the CPU first and then adding the Arrays afterwards, as they will automatically link.

Once the Arrays have been linked to the CPU, you can press 'T' to configure the Missile Array to your hotbar.

These missiles will fire in a perfectly straight line without locking on to any targets, hence the name dumb missile. They do, however, do more damage.

Defence SD Shield Disperser SD Shield Disperser16px Cloaker10x RadarJammer 10x RadarJammer
CPU's 16px Missile Computer16px Cannon ComputerSD-BB Missile Computer SD-BB Missile ComputerD1000 Missile CPU D1000 Missile CPU
Weapons AntiMatter Cannon AntiMatter Cannon16px SD KB Missile Array16px SD-BB Missile ArrayD1000 Missile Array D1000 Missile Array
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