To use Advanced Build, you need to be in Build Mode. Via either a Build Block or Ship Core, enter build mode and select your block. Entering advanced build mode strips your ability to move, but allows more functions. The default for this mode is pressing the minus (-) key. Some blocks have the ability to be rotated, to have their significant face changed. This is most useful in Docking blocks, and Turret docking blocks. To change the way a block is facing, with it selected in your hotbar, either scroll your mousewheel (or mousepad) or physically click the left and right arrows in the upper right corner. This way you can change the way the dock is working, and have multiple angles.

At the top of the Advanced Build Mode is the checkbox for Remove Mode. This is significant for selecting and removing en mass, but if you're not doing that leave it unchecked. Beneath that box is the X, Y, and Z field changers. This allows you to adjust your field of change, as high as 10x10x10 for either placing or removing blocks. This makes it very easy to place walls, floors, ceilings, or harvesting abandoned (or conquored) stations. As an example, placing a Build Block on either an abandoned station or a defeated Pirate Station, entering build mode and advanced build mode, checking Remove Mode and maxing out all 3 vertecies; this allows you to harvest everything in the station at a rate of 1000 blocks per click. The orientation of where the field of removal is is dicated by which side of the block you're facing, from what angle.

On a personal note, using this harvest method is waaay faster than the Salvage Cannon, and got me about 300 million cash in less than an hour from a few pirate bases. ~Zantores

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