Structure Tab

The structure tab gives a player access to a count of all the modules, computers, and other blocks. Here you can find information on how many shield capacitors you have and in how many groups. All doors on the ship can be opened or closed from the Door System entry. Turret Docking System Collective can be used to turn on and off AI turrets on the ship. Fixed Docking System allows the user to launch all docked ships as would be used on a carrier.

The alpha version has extreme difficulty in calculating large ships and can take several minutes to do so. The calculation for larger ships takes time making this tab impractical to use as intended to open/close doors, launch fighter ships, and activate all onboard AI simultaneously. Once these issues are resolved, structure will allow you to activate all onboard turrets and close all blast doors for battle. Control of the docking modules allow AI fighters to be launched after activation.

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