Cannon Module



Cost 1,500 credits
Category Ship
Groupable Yes

Structural stats


100 hitpoints

Armor 0% armor

Basic Info Edit

The Cannon is your basic weapon. When you first spawn in a new world or server, you will start out with 20 Cannon blocks in your inventory, along with a Cannon Computer. Cannons will fire small white balls of energy. 

The Cannons can be obtained in different ways. The easiest way is simply by buying them in the shop for 1,500 credits each. Another way is by salvaging them from other ships. One more way is crafting them through use of the factory blocks.

In Starmade, weapons will benefit from being in a group. By putting several Cannons adjacent to each other will offer a higher damage, longer range and higher energy consumption. 

Linking Edit

Like with all the weapon systems in StarMade, you will need to link the Cannons with a controlling computer, in this case a Cannon Computer. In build mode, place the Cannon Computer and then place the Cannons. If done correctly, the Cannons will get a purple outline, indicating that they are linked to the Cannon Computer (To edit this later, press 'C' while looking at the Computer, then press 'V' at the Modules. Once in your ship, press 'G' to open up your weapons menu. Select the Cannons and press a number to add them to your hotbar or drag them to a slot. They are now ready for fire. 

Starmade weapons require power instead of ammunition to function. Basically, every weapon system has an infinite ammo supply, as long as it can use power from the ship on which it is mounted.


Damage per shot = SQRT(2560 * blocks equivalent)

Distance shot travels (in meters) = 290 + 80 * SQRT(blocks equivalent)

Reload time per shot (in milliseconds) = 50 + 3138/(5.3 + bl.eq.) + 1065/(31 + bl.eq.) + 3600/(1200 + 1.5 * bl.eq.)

Speed of shot (in decameters per second) = 15 + SQRT(25.6 * blocks equivalent)

where blocks equivalent (bl.eq.) = percentage (of the section (damage, distance,etc.)) of the total linked block

So with a canon of 20 linked blocks and 30% in Damage, 40% in Distance, 10% in Reload, and 20% in speed will have:

Damage per shot = SQRT(2560 * 6) = 123.9

Distance shot travels (in meters) = 290 + 80 * SQRT(8) = 516.3 m

Reload time per shot (in milliseconds) = 50 + 3138/(5.3 + 2.) + 1065/(31 + 2.) + 3600/(1200 + 1.5 * 2.) = 515.1 ms

Speed of shot (in decameters per second) = 15 + SQRT(25.6 *4) = 25.1 Decameters/s = 251 meters/s


The Reload value is in milliseconds. That mean that a canon with a reload of 500 will shoot twice in a second.

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