Also known as the buy list, This page will deal with what you will want to buy in order of importance during your stay. 

First Few Minutes (1min-10min)Edit

Once you've spawned outside the shop, the first things you'll want to buy are:

  1. Extra Hulls
  2. Shield Dispersers
  3. Salvage Computer
  4. Salvage Cannon
  5. Extra Power Generators

Remember to buy more as you need them!

Next up, once you've got yourself comfortable (10-20mins in), maybe found a station, and about 50000 credits, begin buying:

  1. Glass (just enough for a viewscreen)
  2. A Cockpit in the front of the ship so if you get hit, your shields won't obscure your view.
  3. More Hulls
  4. More Weapons
  5. More Salvage Cannons
  6. More Shields
  7. An Extra Core

You don't have to buy it all at once, but if you have the money it's a good idea since you could be ambushed at any moment and pirate ships can be hard to outrun. Oh, and you should catalog your ship so you can buy it again if you lose it or it gets destroyed.

Later On (1hr-2hr)Edit

Once you're happy with where you are and you have a good sized ship, you'll be wanting a gravity unit to supply artificial gravity on your ship to ease travel around it, and probably a Particle Press to craft items. Build some turrets and defense ships and then from here on it's anybody's game!