• Zantores

    Damn Anons....

    September 1, 2013 by Zantores

    As a rule, Anons bring a lot to this wiki.

    But lately, they've just been deleting pages and refrencing the "Official Wiki", being the non-Wikia one.

    If you see this, just roll it back, my fellow admins, and temp-ban the IP. I've been doing two weeks, its not like we won't catch them, they're just annoying...

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  • Zantores

    I'm aiming to adopt this thing so we can keep it alive. We have a lot of good information on this page, but with the founder gone nobody's an admin.

    Far as I'm concerned, each contributor thats continuously adding relevant information oughtta be an admin, or at least the active ones.

    Does anyone support/oppose me adopting this thing so it at very least sticks around while its game is developed?

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