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Getting Started

If you want to start the game and have a bit of instant-gratification for your money hungry ship building needs you'll need to start the game with something a little different.

First and foremost- hit B to open the shop menu at spawn. The only thing you will need to purchase is a Build Module.

Starting the game gives you everything you need to build a ship with some weapons, however doing this you'll want to avoid using anything unneccessary. Just build a ship with all 6 thruster blocks.

Press R on your Control Block to enter your ship, and then hit N to pull up your navigation. You want to search for a space station (AVOID PIRATE OPERATED ONES) in close proximity to a shop. This can either be near instantaneous or it can take a few minutes.

Once you find a space station, simply place the Build Module you purchased at the shop somewhere inside of the space station, and open up the Advance Build menu. Set the selection size to 10x10x10 and begin right clicking and deconstructing the space station until it's completely gone. This will only take a few minutes with your selection being 10x10x10.

You can either fly back to the shop and sell the materials (glass, colored hull, etc), or you can build a much larger ship with the materials you've obtained from the space station.