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This device temporarily jam the radar signature of your ship, making it unlockable and invisible in the navigation menu for a  amount of time. Though it may be possible with a proper power setup and RadarJammer for your to stay jam indefinitely, the bigger the ship, the more jammer needed as well as power.

WARNING: using RadarJammer will take a lot of power; it is recomended that you optimise your power for fast recharge and actual large amount of power.


A single RadarJammer is currently needed to jam a ship. However, jam a ship requires 50 energy per second for each block. This means an effective energy system is required.

It is most useful when combined with 0c Cloaker.


Interesting fact: The names of the 10x and 0c cloaking blocks when put together make 0x10c, a game that is being made by Notch (Markus Persson). Since StarMade was inspired by Minecraft, made by the same person, it can be assumed that this is purposeful.

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